Red Deer Snow Removal

Snowfall in idyllic Red Deer, Alberta can get pretty intense each year. Handling the buildup of snow in the city can often be a job that’s demanding and time-consuming. If you’re trying to find local professionals who can aid you with commercial or residential snow plowing services, though, the answer is as simple as calling us at RDC Snow Removal. RDC Snow Removal, in brief, is a big player in Red Deer’s snow management department. We eagerly cater to customers who are searching for assistance with snow blowing, plowing, ice melting and more.

​Getting rid of the accumulation of snow by a business or residential property is one of the hardest wintertime tasks. It can waste hours and hours of your time. This can disrupt your productivity levels considerably. It can disrupt your social life and general schedule as well. If you want to do whatever you can to stop snow management obligations from ruining your daily and weekly schedule, then all you have to do is call us for our professional assistance, plain and simple. Our team members come prepared to manage all varieties of snow management jobs. They employ five-star plowing tools and equipment pieces. That’s how they can provide you with work that’s efficient and thorough to the max. If you want to relish the results of top-notch plowing devices, then you can turn to us without a care in the world. Our staff members are also knowledgeable about all of the strongest and most organized plowing methods and strategies.
Our standard contract can include complete or partial snow removal services depending on customer needs to cover each of these areas. While some snow removal companies only provide services for commercial snow removal or residential snow removal, we are experts in complete snow removal services for both commercial and residential property owners. We have the best in snow removal equipment that can easily accommodate any commercial and residential snow and ice removal needs. We are licensed and insured and use only appropriate equipment for the type of property we are servicing. We can accommodate snow removal from driveways of all dimensions and offer clean up of both residential and commercial walkways and sidewalks.

When it comes to commercial and residential rooftops, we understand this can be a serious concern. Excessive snow pile-ups can cause stress to roofs. In some cases, if the snowfall involves excessive amounts of heavy snow, it can cause roof damage or structural roof collapse in severe cases. We offer timely and professional snow removal off roofs of all sizes and dimensions. In addition to the structural hazards to excessive snow on rooftops, we understand that the melting snow can be hazardous. Melting snow can re-freeze and create icicles or frozen water pooling, which can be dangerous to people and property.

When it comes to parking lots, we understand that having timely proper snow removal can be critical to business operations, vehicular traffic as well as pedestrian travel. That is why we are highly cautious to ensure our snow removal is thorough. We work directly with commercial property owners to dedicate the best possible location for snow piles. If the property owner does not have a specific area for snow pile designation, we will analyze traffic and pedestrian flows to decide what the best place for snow pile creation. Our main goal is to ensure guests and employees that work at the businesses involved have safe egress and access to businesses.

We offer complete snow removal services including removal from residential and commercial:


Red Deer Snow Removal

People that live in Red Deer, Canada, and the surrounding areas are used to a variety of winter weather conditions which can be unpredictable and difficult to manage. The good news is that through the use of our professional snow and ice treatment and removal services, property owners have less to worry about when a storm arrives. Our team of professionals will get you into our snowplow and snow removal cycle so you can be assured of a quick response for every storm that requires clean up.

Property owners who don’t have snow and ice removal company on standby, it can be a bit dicey not knowing when snow will hit and if they will have the right tools for safe removal and clean up. This can cause a great deal of anxiety during the winter months for property owners. Fears of snowblower malfunctions, slips and falls and health stresses for snow removal can be overwhelming. Having a professional snow removal company to handle the wintry messes can be a significant relief. That is why many property owners look to have a comprehensive snow maintenance contract in place, so they never have to worry about finding a snow removal company at the last minute.

We understand that no two properties are alike, nor are their snow removal needs. That is why we meet with property owners that are looking for a winter season contract for residential snow removal and commercial snow removal so we can properly assess what their individual needs will be. We offer packages for comprehensive snow removal and ice removal as well as pre-treatments against black ice from snow melts.

Residential and commercial property owners who need snow removal in a pinch, give us a call. While we prioritize our contract customers to accommodate their needs, we can provide single-storm cleanups as well.

Areas We Serve

We are a local business providing complete snow and de-icing maintenance for commercial or residential properties. We provide our complete snow and ice treatment and removal packages to all property owners in Red Deer, Penhold and Innisfail as well as the surrounding areas. Our work in residential snow removal and commercial snow removal starts as soon as the first snow arrives and continues until the end of the snow season.